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Quinn Haverly
Age: 17
Position: lead reporter
In a sense, Quinn is like every average boy of his age, but does most of the paper's interviews and is regularly harrassed by Romy. He's timid but very friendly, sometimes not being able to understand old-timey phrases (his interpretation usually appears in thought bubbles).

Lily Haverly
Age: 9
Quinn's younger sister, whose only interests are literature and 1980's movies, thanks to her father's influence. This is probably the reason why the more popular girls in 3rd grade pretend she doesn't exist, which just proves they'll never enjoy The Blues Brothers, as she likes to say. If anything, she is terrified of large dogs.

Richard "Rick" Jones
Age: 18
Position: reviewer
The oldest member and leader of the paper committee, and Quinn's best friend. While being incredibly tempermental and still recovering from quitting smoking, Rick is in charge of writing book and movie reviews. Now the leader of the committee, he is desperate to make the entire group loosen up under his "rule". At home, his father is a junkyard worker, and his mother is an alcoholic Walmart cashier.

Lawrence Fujiyama
Age: 18
Position: layouts
The quieter, meeker member of the committee, the son of a computer programmer and a tailor. He is in Richard's class and serves as his source of reason. Aside from his devotion to the upkeep of his grades, he collects video games and statuettes.

Blossom Ingham
Age: 17
Position: graphic artist
The lead grapic artist and layout designer in the committee. Possibly a result of being raised by new-wave hippies, Blossom has a distinct talent and love of art, but is embarassed by her family and sometimes painfully moody. She's very sensitive to time restrictions and assignments she finds dull.

Maron Tokugawa
Age: 15
Position: cartoonist
The youngest member of the committee, Maron moved to the country when she was eight years old and is still trying to fit in. She's anxious and deeply bothered by otaku, but a very hard worker and kind. She tags along with Quinn the most, and is working on a fan comic in her own time.

Season One Graduates

Rosemary "Romy" Clark
Age: 18
Position: chief
The seemingly perenially-perky (former) leader of the school paper, whom can turn into a maniac under the right conditions (deadlines, Rick leaving early, etc.). She leads the paper with a do-it-or-die philosophy, which Quinn and Lawrence usually try to follow.

Keith Bassier
Age: 18
One of the more popular boys at school, claiming to be the son of a clothing manufacturer. He is usually avoided by all the boys, except for Rick, who periodically tries to befriend him. In secret, Keith's father is actually the leader of a smuggling ring, which explains his nice clothes and bizarre ability to always have money on hand.

Linda, Miles and Calvin Baker
A widowed single mother, whom trains and looks after animals for a living, and her two sons. The family is very close, but the boys don't like anyone who poses a threat to their mother. This includes Quinn and Rick.

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